About Us

JONDO fundamentally believes in delivering honest consumer value.  Customers can order a standardised manufactured product with confidence, have it manufactured close to home, and delivered quickly and inexpensively. Our practice of standardisation ensures that it is the exact same product, regardless of where the product fulfillment takes place.

JONDO began in 1989 as Harvest Productions in the three car garage of John S. Doe’s Anaheim Hills’ home. At that time it utilized state of the art IRIS technology to reproduce artists’ watercolor paintings. Quality requirements in that business were uncompromising, and Harvest led the industry in quality innovations that gave birth to the photo giclée art form.

By leveraging its heritage in fine art reproduction, its pioneering experience in the integration of digital workflow and adoption of lean manufacturing practices JONDO is now positioned as the global standard-setting photographic output provider. With the advent of mass market digital imaging new frontiers have opened for consumer photo products. Today, JONDO leverages its rich heritage to offer an expanding portfolio of affordable, accessible, professional-quality products from five facilities, providing next day delivery to more than 450 million empowered consumers.